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Released September 7, 2010 for Rock Band
Snoop Dogg 01
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Genre: Urban
Album: Snoop Dogg Rock Band Re-Records (2010)

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murakaz - "This song (and subsequently the pack it's from) are no longe..." -- Read more
Rap Band? Mikey
Just like the introduction of mainstream country, and then again with pop (Lady Gaga) a lot of people were wondering how this genre could work in this game. Well it turns out rap can work really well, especially when the artist is willing to remix the song just for Rock Band, as Snoop has done with 4 of the 8 songs he's brought to the game: Drop it like it's hot, Snoop’s Upside Ya Head, Tha Shiznit, Who Am I (What’s My Name).

So it goes without saying, these will be fun for you on Vox, but with the addition of guitar and live drums (as opposed to drum machine on the originals) songs that would have rbeen a snooze fest are now really fun. Don't expect the biggest challenge, but do get ready to have fun with the new sound of these hits at your next RB party.
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