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Released July 8, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Stadium Arcadium (2006)

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Average Bass with a Bad Ending Karmeleaux
This is another unusually structured song, so bear with me.

The verse is a green sustain, followed by R Y B, then repeated one fret down. Every now and then there's an extra strummed note instead of a sustain but it really does nothing for the chart.

The post-verse, we'll call it, is probably the high point of the song. It slowly scales in groups of three around the fretboard, and is fairly fun.

But then we get into the second half of the song. The pre-chorus, we'll call it, is yellow sustains mixed with dead space. This isn't fun, but the chorus is even worse: Bass chords with a terribly unfun pattern to them, which is a shame because usually bass chords add to a chart for me. It's really not that bad the first time you meet it, but the second time it comes around it goes until the end of the song for probably about a minute, and this is torture.

It's definitely got its fun parts, but the bass chord sections definitely take it out of the fun bass category. So there you are.

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Slowly goes up and down, then goes in a bunch of awkward chord alternations. I was waiting for it to end, but I suppose there are worse bass songs.

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It's a pretty repetitive song that is hard to keep a combo on.

However, it will test your alt-strumming skills in new and interesting ways.

Overall I enjoyed it even though I suck at it, and I'm not an RHCP fanboy, so there must be something to it, right?

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Alluminated Guy
This song is overall great to play.
Simply because some people find it hard to play, doesn't mean that it isn't fun!
The beginning is similar to Joker and the Thief's. It's hard to play at the beginning, but once you master it, it's fun. Some parts begin to spread the song out more which give it different vibes and feels, which is why this song deserves a Great.

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