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Released April 16, 2009 for Rock Band
Chinese Democracy
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Genre: Rock
Album: Chinese Democracy (2008)

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90 Second Overdrive RBAddict666
If anyone is still trying to get this accomplishment, this song is good for that as I reckon I got at least 100 seconds worth of Overdrive here. I activated at the first 3-note chord sustain that comes up and the OD kept going. As long as you keep whammying the sustains, you can get the OD meter back up to 100% again, it seems to fill up really quickly in this song.
I think you could do this on bass as well.
05.01.13 8:59pm 2 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
DoofiestDoofz - And Are You Gonna Be My Girl Reply
05.07.13 12:54 am
Caleb - The Kill by 30 seconds to mars is another good one, same with Moonage Daydream. Reply
05.06.13 5:16 pm
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