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Released March 4, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Swoon (2009)

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Lots of fun, quick alt-strumming Madotsuki
The riff for the verses of this song mostly has a sort of (lel) 'climbing' rhythm that literally climbs up the fretboard repeatedly, also throwing in some triplets here and there. The pre-choruses get pretty crazy with some fast alt-strumming, but thats just a sign of things to come. After the simple little riff that has some hammer-on/pull-off-ing in the pre-chorus, the chorus begins.
The chorus contain long stretches of chords that are all very quickly alt-strummed and quickly switch between one another, likely breaking your streak.
The interlude is pretty mellow for the most part, you're just strumming some chords, until all of a sudden it picks up with a tricky alt-strumming rhythm that is pretty surprising.
The solo follows a similar idea to the verses, in which you're sort of climbing the frets, except for the solo, its a bit more tricky/difficult than that.
Overall, this song is exciting, has lots of interesting sections that are fun to play, and I would highly recommend this for any guitarist.
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Fairly fun verse, painfully unremarkable otherwise Karmeleaux
This would probably get three-stars if something else went with the verse rhythm, which has a fair amount of movement and an unusual (and somewhat frustrating) use of hammer-ons. It's pretty fun and not really around long enough for me to get tired of it, in fact I wanted to see it more.

But maybe that's just because the rest of the song was at best straight eighths slowly changing frets. The chorus was. Most of the solo was (there was a slight variation of the every other measure ending with a different fret, but honestly that did nothing fun factor-wise), and the part that wasn't was based around a sustain on the same note.

It's pretty unenjoyable outside of the verse, and I couldn't really see myself recommending it to anybody personally, but there is still some enjoyable stuff in there.

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Great song, very fun and somewhat challenging!
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