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Released March 6, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Chutes Too Narrow (2003)
Author: RockGamer

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Great Bass, But Sustains Detract Karmeleaux
The Shins bass parts released through the Rock Band Network so far have been pretty simple fun. This is the weaker of the two to me, but it's still got a lot of fun patterns in it.

The verse rhythms move around the fretboard a fair bit with single note HO/POs littered in there. The choruses, however, tend to hang on sustains. Sustains are usually okay in my book if the rest of the song is good fun, but the Shins songs tend to be kinda short so it definitely hurts it a bit relative here.

It's still pretty fun overall, but as I said, I feel it's the weaker of the two. In fact, I had to replay it as I wrote this review because I forgot what it was like because I was thinking of Australia.

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