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Released September 27, 2016 for Rock Band

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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Immortalized (2015)

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The Sound of Boredom RBAddict666
The song begins with a 34 measure break so you'll be waiting a while before playing anything. When the bass finally kicks in it's just a series of single note and chord sustains. There are just over 110 notes in the song so avoid this if you only play bass.
09.27.16 10:00am 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Sound of Vocalism! Xtreme Nights
This song is great for vocalists. In fact, it feels centered just specifically for them. I love this song, and the vocals are constantly going. They are powerful and always fun to sing along to. If you are a vocalist, pick this up, because it is just a lot of fun. :)
09.27.16 4:05pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
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