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Released April 10, 2012 for Rock Band
Slayer 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: South of Heaven (1988)

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South of Heaven (Rocksmith)
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A Variety bucket of bassy goodness! Poinkish
Out of the two Slayer basslines I played this week, "South Of Heaven" is the harder of the two, but it's hard in the good way. There's a good mix of stuff getting thrown at you during the songs 5 minutes running time. For the intro and the slower parts of this song, you'll be playing a lot of bass chords, mixing up from steady plodding strumming, to the occasional slow gallop every now and then, it's a nice break from the faster part of the song, which I'll get to now. Hope you're good at fast alt-strumming and anchoring because these parts have your fingers dancing back and forth across the fretboard as your alt-strumming hand hits long strings of alt-strummed single notes. It's the fun type of alt-strumming though, and it switches up constantly throughout the song, especially towards the end where movement gets more rapid.

It all comes together to make a really nice, varied bassline, which like "Seasons In The Abyss" strikes a nice balance of hard and fun.
04.10.12 2:12pm 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Mediocre drums for Slayer DoofiestDoofz
This song isn't really too, too hard. The song is without a doubt the easiest of the pack. The only hard part of this song would, in all honesty, be all of the fills. Those fills aren't actually too hard to hit.

The song is mainly based on another basic beat, this time, usually on a blue cymbal. I think the only reason they made this songs difficulty so hard would be because of the fills. The fills, like said above, aren't too hard to hit. Most of them are on just the snare and yellow tom, and they're mainly composed of crossover hits.

Not too much going on in this song. In fact, if you're a drummer, and not a big fan of Slayer, skip this song and get Seasons in the Abyss.

It's not a terrible song to play, but there just isn't going on to make it hard or fun, in my honest opinion.
04.10.12 8:05pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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