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Released July 26, 2011 for Rock Band
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Genre: Prog
Album: Fragile (1971)

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Okay, sorry, my bad Ospero
D'oh. I must have gotten the songs mixed up - the review I originally posted for this song was actually meant to be for Heart of the Sunrise, hence that baffling reference to not having a guitar solo.

That said, South Side of the Sky is better than Heart of the Sunrise on guitar, but the three-and-a-half-minute break from about minute 2 onwards really hurts. When you do get to do something on guitar (during the first two minutes and the last three or so - goodness, I love prog song length), it's fun, but over three minutes of staring at black and listening to harmonies and piano does not make for a fun experience.
07.26.11 8:49pm 2 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
one of the stronger songs in the pack HGinCT14
I see South Side of the Sky as one of the better charts to play on this pack. whiat this song really has going for it is a progressive interlude that takes advantage of odd time signatures, tom/snare/ride action and for the tech heads, double stroke patterns.

there is a long cut in the middle of the song, and it has a very long running time (which may not be a bad thing depending on your taste)

but this is one of the songs to look at.
07.28.11 6:37am 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Regular keys: Very fun Marwood87
Likes: very fun piano/organ riffs, distinguishable parts which make it fun to play along to, good balance of challenge and fun, good replay value

Dislikes: none

I really enjoyed playing this song. The key riffs are extremely fun to play and there are no intense sections to worry about. You can "let loose and rock out" while playing. The keyboards have some time in the spotlight with the acoustic piano's little solo during the bridge (with a great mix of single notes and chords that are very satisfying to play). Some hardcore players might find this song a little repetitive and somewhat easy but I feel the chart's overall fun factor will outweigh those negative aspects. Strongly recommended for you keyboardists.
07.27.11 1:08am 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Great song let down by a long guitar break RBAddict666
I do like this song. It has some very fun parts to play like the hammer-on and the chord sections. However, after about 2 minutes there is no guitar to play for the next 3 and a half minutes. Instead, you will be stuck listening to piano and harmonies with nothing to do but stare at the screen. After the long section of nothing the guitar chart resumes with the fun riff that was heard at the start and then the song ends with a fun guitar solo with lots of hammer-on sweeps.

Summary: A great song with some very fun parts but it's let down by the 3 and a half minute section of nothing.

Rating: 3/5
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Those Breaks Seem Like All of Eternity Karmeleaux
Like Heart of the Sunrise, this is a hard one to place, it's ultimately a matter of taste in the same way.

The main riff to this song is actually scales, fun ones of various lengths and styles. It's pretty fun. Most rhythms make use of short HO/PO chains and have slight variations.

But at the same time, this song has two sections that are piano only. When bass comes in after these, it's building up. It sounds nice and all (LOVE the song of this song, was so stoked these two songs from Fragile made it in), but it doesn't make fun for great fun after all already not playing something for a noticeable amount of time.

Really, this chart has all the pros of Heart of the Sunrise but to a slightly lesser extent and all the cons to a slightly larger extent. They're both pretty fun parks, but I recommend Heart of the Sunrise over this, and if you don't think that looks fun you probably won't like this either.

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The instrument you buy this song for sageamagoo
A fantastic song on Pro Keys. There's a lot going on, and it sends you all over the keyboard. One of the easiest songs in the Yes pack, but also one of the most fun.
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