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Released September 14, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Import
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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: Check Your Head (1992)

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Green green.... Green green.... Green green.... PuppetMasterIX
So What'cha Want is often considered to be the song that effectively establishes the bottom of the barrel in terms of gameplay on Rock Band 2's on-disc setlist. Guitar is repetitive and uninvolved, Vocals are all talkies, and Drums are bland and uninteresting; but despite the serious faults of these three instruments, none of the charts are as egregiously neutered of fun as much as the Bass chart, which even to this day has gone down in infamy as one of the most boring, unfun, biggest wastes of time in the entire franchise.

Let's start by talking about the chart: You start by strumming two green notes. We are now finished talking about the chart. Yes, really. The entire song consists of groups of two green notes spread out in ~1.5-second intervals. There is only one instance of any variation, but ironically, this instance somehow manages to be even less involved than the main riff (it's a six-second break where two green notes are spread by three-second gaps). The variation here is so non-existent you may as put a rubber band on the fret and play one-handed, but that's only if you would consider the unthinkable decision of wanting to play this chart. I'd rather pick a song with only one note in it than play this, because then I'd at least go do something more productive as the remainder of the song plays.

If you have limbs, you're guaranteed to ace this. If you have only one limb, you're guaranteed to ace this. Really, how can playing such a dull pattern possibly be difficult? Sure, the chart can be difficult if you're playing the song while simultaneously performing a trapeze act above a shark and drawing a portrait of Napoleon, but on its own, it's completely worthless.

Replay Value
If you are actually considering replaying this song's Bass chart, you're guaranteed to be one of the following:
1. An idiot who somehow managed to miss on his first run.
2. An unfortunate individual who had his guitar break mid-song.
3. A person who likely needs psychiatric help.

I'm not as amazed by how horrible this chart is to play as much as I am amazed that Harmonix actually chose to include this as an on-disc addition to the franchise. I can probably understand how they can ignore the blandness of the other three instruments, but how managed to look at the resulting Bass chart and think this would be a viable addition to the franchise's setlist is something beyond my realm of comprehension and likely beyond everyone else's. If you're anxious to have your fix of Green Greens, go play a Kirby game or something; at least then you'll be losing lives in ways that don't involve suicide.


Variety: 0/5
Difficulty: 0/5
Replay Value: 0/5

Final Verdict: 0/5 (or at least, that's what I'd give it if weren't for the website's rating system)
08.25.11 7:44am 4 Replies | Reply +16 Relevance
Probably the worst guitar chart on-disc in RB2 Madotsuki
Yeah, its better than bass, but its like comparing Nickelback and Justin Bieber, one is probably better than the other, but they both suck.

You're usually always playing a Green-Green-GreenRed-GreenRed pattern that repeats through pretty much the whole song, and to make it worse, its actually really awkward to play, despite its simplicity.

At some points, theres a bouncy single-note riff that isn't really anything special, and it certainly isn't played enough to make this chart any more interesting.

Overall, this is probably the worst guitar chart from the RB2 import, and I can easily understand why someone would not import this to RB3. Not recommended AT ALL.
07.19.12 8:05pm 1 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Green Green Chord Chord... Green Green Chord Chord... Gigakoops
The title essentially tells you 90% of the chart right there. It's one green note and chord pattern over and over. The second verse does add more chords for a few seconds, but it's not enough to make it fun.

The only semi-interesting part is the chorus, which has a HOPO pattern involving yellow and blue notes, as well as a string bend. But these segments get repetitive and only last for a few seconds before doing more green notes and chords.

There's a reason no one I've come across picks this song. It's probably best to skip this one.
06.14.13 11:56pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Expect to make enemies if you pick it online. sageamagoo
Notoriously simplistic on all instruments, but for vocals, you could do worse. Sure, it's made of talkies, but that just makes it easier to get overly into this otherwise bland song.
01.29.14 6:21pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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