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Released April 6, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Beauty from Pain 1.1 (2006)

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Not Out Stand In the Rain. Eh, eh? Karmeleaux
Mm, this has JUST enough to get a weak three-star.

It's a slower song, and starts out with blank space and sustains. Soon it goes into the chorus rhythm, a strum pattern-focused rhythm, starting green then blue, then the same moved up a fret.

The main verse rhythm is similar to the chorus, with just more alternations between green and blue before moving up and a different strum pattern-focused rhythm. In fact, every verse, the strum pattern is fairly different, which is honestly the main draw of the chart.

The bridge where you're playing whole notes, and then there's the outro, which is mostly a straight quarter sustain version of the chorus rhythm.

So yeah, if strum pattern changes are enough sustenance for you, it's a decent time, but it's not going to be drawing anyone in otherwise.

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