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Released July 26, 2011 for Rock Band
Yes 01
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Genre: Prog
Album: The Yes Album (1971)

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Starship Trooper (Rocksmith)
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A Mixed Bag of Boring and Fun Dead Player
Yes are as we all know a Prog band, and if there is one thing Prog bands love in general, it got to be long and epic songs that hits the 10 minute mark or goes beyond that. Saddly, long doesn't always mean fun.

The song starts off with a fairly slow and simple riff, that mixes some medium hard chords with some easy hammer-ons for good fun. The riff is varied enough and it have some movement into more chordy chorus theretories at times to make it a bit more varied. This is a pretty fun riff and I would say it is worth a 4 star rating in fun.

The intro riff goes on for about 3 minutes, before it jumps into the part that is responsible for the Devil tier of this song: the fast and awkard aoucostic rape. Think of it as a mix of the Bach solo in Rock Your Socks and the banjo parts of Betty and Me with more chords and less fun. Sure, this part is unique and relatively varied, but it is also extremely akward to the point where it becomes difficult for all the wrong reasons. Also, I would hardly say it is hard enough for the song to actually deserve it's Devil tier. This part deserves a 2 star rating I would say.

Thankfully we get a very fun break after the one and a half minute hand mutilation with some more slow and fun Ho/Po's (this time without any chords) that goes on for about 2 minutes, which is defintly moving into a 5 star therethory of fun, but after that we get to the arguably worst part of the song: the never ending chordfest. Here you play the same boring chord patterns over and over again for 3 bloody minutes without any propper variation anywhere to be found. I was nearly tempted to quit the song after playing the same riff enough times to activate Overdrive about 4 times, and I would dare say this part could be considered a 1 star rating in fun.

Thankfully, after the borefest that is the chordfest, the song jumps straight into a amazing guitar solo that is of the fun type with alot of medium fast Ho/Po's, variation and melodies that are really fun to play as a reward for your patience. It only lasts for a miniute, but by god is it alot of fun, and a clear 5 star rating. Then there is a Big Rock Ending and the song ends.

Is the song long, epic and well written? Yes. Does it translate into a rythm videogame? At times it does, at times it doesn't. I guess the problem is that for every fun part, there is an equally long part that is not so fun, which makes it a mixed bag. If you can live trough the boring/annoying parts though, the fun parts are alot of fun, so if you have the patience and the love for the song to live trough them, this is worth your money. If you have a short attention span or is not the biggest fan of this song, you might want to think twice if it is really worth your time and money.
08.12.11 7:57pm 3 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
leader of the pack HGinCT14
This is the song of this pack on drums. it has everything bundled up into a 7 minute long pack, However, there is the good it compiles, and the bad.

The song is very technical. it is covered with ghost note drags, wierd time signatures, and double stroke patterns, but what is really appealing is the beats during the second half of the song. this is where the snare/tom/ride actions makes a comeback from South Side.

with all the good it brings to the plate, it suffers from two things:

1. a long guitar interlude. there is literally nothing going on for the drums at this time and it will catch you off guard.

and 2. The ending is drawn to far out and will bore you in it's early stages.

for those FC people, the BRE will get you the first time, so pay attention.

The yes pack was something a lot of people were looking forward to, but the pack was underwhelming on drums and it made me ask why I spent all that money, most of the songs were too long, too repetitive, and too boring to truly enjoy. I could only truly recommend one song for everyone and that is Starship Trooper.
07.28.11 6:37am 6 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
The Best and Worst of a Yes Chart Karmeleaux
I had this quick-rated as a five-star, but playing with a more critical eye I had to bump it down to at least a four-star. Like other Yes bass parts, I can see this being even a three-star to some people.

Now the song opens with a fun HO/PO chain involving the entire fretboard into a long sustain. You expect a chain like that to set a precedent for the rest of the chart, and it does so a bit too well - this little run is the majority of the verse rhythm. There's another part (though that might be considered post-verse or something) that's simple and fun, and later verses add more variation to scales in-between.

It's even got a bass solo, though truthfully if it wasn't charted as one it wouldn't really be missed. Even if it's repetitive at times, what's there is fun. So what harms this chart enough to put it in danger of a three-star for some people?

Like all Yes songs, what isn't there. There's two guitar-focused parts in there, so there's a good at least two minutes where you're not playing at all. In addition, when you come back in the outro, it's long yellow, red, and green sustains.

So in summation, it's a Yes song. There's tons of fun stuff in there, but at the same time, there's enough time spent not playing/playing boring simple stuff that cannot be brushed off. Worth a look for anyone, but not necessarily a buy for everyone.

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Not amazing, but still good fun miniviking10
This song in my opinion is a little overrated on this site. On guitar, it's still a great long song to play and there's a fun solo to end it. There is a pretty hard part in the song for about a minute that could fail you but that's about it. There really isn't any section of the song that is amazing to play so don't buy this expecting something along the lines of freebird.
08.06.11 7:12pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Regular keys: Solid song but tiered incorrectly Marwood87
Likes: A few tricky parts and some fun keyboard fills, some good variety that will keep you alert and entertained, a tough FC song which gives it some replay value

Dislikes: 3/4 of the song are very easy and kind of slow, should not be devil tiered

From the beginning to about near the end, the song presents the player with chords and easy keyboard riffs, nothing too challenging. The guitar/vocal solo presents a large gap in the song for keys (including bass and drums) which doesn't help the entertainment value. However, the charts for the verses change up a lot so there is no repetitiveness. Once you get to the end, the song starts to pick up with some challenging key riffs and tricky chords (where you hold down some fingers to play sustained notes while playing single notes with your other fingers, I don't know the right term for those. If anyone knows please tell me :D)
I don't know why this is a devil tier song. Although there are some pretty tricky parts near the end, there is nothing in this chart that will make you fail out quickly. Experts should be able to pass this one in no time (overdrive might be needed but I was able to pass the tricky parts without it).
Don't be tricked by the devil tiers, DLC buyers. This is a decent keyboard song with decent replay value but it's not the "insane" challenge you would expect. Recommended for Yes fans or experts looking for a moderate challenge.
07.27.11 12:30am 2 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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