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Released March 11, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Now or Never (2009)
Author: worldminusone

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This Bass is a Blast for a Buck Karmeleaux
This guy's got a lot of variation, and pretty much all of the rhythms are fun.

The intro rhythm involves all the frets from the start, and isn't around long enough to get old to me. It shows up a few more times (in fact it might be a postchorus rhythm?), but it's well-used all the times.

The verse rhythms are built around slow scales followed by a sustain, which is pretty fun (and sounds great). But where the song really shines is the chorus rhythm.

The chorus rhythms are very involved for the bassist, moving around a great deal and often in the form of HO/POs. It's a real blast, and later ones change up some of the scales to keep it engaging.

The bridge is similar to a verse rhythm, but the single note scales are longer (but not faster). Another verse rhythm, another chorus, then the outro rhythm is similar to the intro but much more strum heavy. It's a bit unexpected and it definitely keeps it from fizzling out in the end.

The outro's a bit difficult to maintain upstrumming, but overall it's a great find for a dollar.

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