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Released August 7, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: Whitesnake (1987)

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Best Guitar of the week, and one of the best of 2012! Poinkish
Well I gotta say, I came into "Still Of The Night" expecting a pretty fun song, but I got a lot more than I bargained for here! From start to finish "Still Of The Night" is a blast to play, with a great amount of variety throughout, and a pretty rockin' main riff!

It all kicks off with a Green and blue sustain bookended by a couple of chords, and then into a really fun trill lane that alternates between Yellow and blue notes before ending with an orange note. Then there's a pause for the vocals to kick in before the main riff starts.

This riff is a blast to play, consisting of long strings of hammer-on notes that snake all around the fretboard in different directions, and some fun single note alt-strumming followed by chords, you'll be playing this a lot throughout "Still Of The Night" so it's great that this part is so much fun to play!

This goes on for a while before introducing you to the second half of the main riff, a slightly offbeat alt-strumming section that switches between green strummed notes, and orange hammer-ons then back again, much like the first half, it's also great to play and satisfying to hit, they even throw some interesting chord hammer-ons around here once in a while to keep you on your toes!

The main riff loops for about two minutes before easing you into a fantastically ambient intermission that sounds amazing. Giving every instrument and the vocalist a bit of time to relax, you'll be playing some atmospheric held notes here, it's nothing special, but it's a great break from the loud crass rock anthem stylings of the rest of the song.

Then after this comes a few slow gallops consisting of single notes and chords, before heading onto the solo, one heck of a beast consisting of incredibly fast hammer-on slides that snake everywhere, so you'd better have your game face on!

The finale is the main riff, but with a few elements from previous parts of the song thrown in too, apart from right at the end which throws some pretty unusual chord switches at you, including some chord hammer-ons too.

Overall, this is easily one of my favourite Guitar songs in the game to date, and I can easily recommend this to anyone! Go get it.
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This bass is pretty great....HOLY SHEET! BASS SOLO! :3 Poinkish
Welcome to the best bass song of the week, and my favourite overall bass song of the year. Right off the bat, "Still Of The Night" offers something that never fails to get me excited, and that's Synchronicity with the Guitar chart!

The bass riff follows the Guitar pretty damn close, kicking off with a fantastic hammer-on snake that moves back and forth erratically all over the place, follow by some steady alt-strumming that switches between red strummed notes and orange hammer-ons then back again. Almost exactly like the Guitar chart. This feels awesome to play along too, and it has that heavy bite that I love from 80's metal basslines, this continues for about two minutes, before throwing some alt-strummed patterns that switch between green and orange, and some brisk three note hammer-ons too.

Shortly after, the ambient intermission kicks in, allowing you to play some really beefy sounding single note and chord sustains, and some pretty cool hammer-on switches, this part sounds fantastic with bass boost one, and provides you with a nice break before the song throws you back in into the heavy part of the song again.

The main riff repeats for a while, getting you back into the groove, followed by some steady gallops before something amazing suddenly hits you, a bass solo!

A crazy long hammer-on string comes at you thick and fast, requiring some mid-pattern strumming every once in a while, and some breaks in between that require something steady alt-strumming. This is easily one of the best bass solo's in Rock Band to date, up there with "Caravan" and "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner", it's just that good! And boosts this bass chart to one of the best songs in the game. This solo marks the end of the song.

Overall, this is an amazing bass chart, and one that all bass players must own!
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Nice Pro Drum Balance TheTamoli
Good song for learning Expert Pro Drum! Easy at first but getting harder and harder when you get close to the outro section!
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