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Released December 6, 2011 for Rock Band
Queen Extravaganza 02
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

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Fast, a bit tricky, very fun chart Madotsuki
This song isn't too long, and to be honest, I expected this drum chart to be rather annoying, but thankfully, its chart extremely well and its very fun to play.

You're often playing over the hi-hat with some fast doubling kicks that switch on and off with doubling snares during some parts of the main riff and louder sections, and during the main riff parts you're doing some really quick rides and crashes, a flam here and there, along with those quick doubling kicks and doubling snares.

During the verses you're consistently hitting the hi-hat and snare, which is actually pretty easy, and then some consistent kicks come in under the notes to make thing a bit more difficult before the main riff section.

Theres plenty of tricks in the song, theres flams snuck in at certain points, some fills at times, plenty of things to break your streak and to keep you interested.

Overall, this is a very entertaining chart, its not very difficult, but it'll certainly take a couple tries before you FC this one, and its fast, fairly diverse, and keeps you on your toes.
Definitely recommended for drummers, especially if you like the song.
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