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Released October 4, 2016 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Ritual de lo Habitual (1990)

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You all remember this from Guitar Hero II, it was great then and Harmonix has gotten much better at charting since then.

The Guitar Part is challenging but not frustrating, with a bunch of different riffs and patterns including chords, complicated strumming patterns, some hammer on and pull offs, as well as a bitchin' solo at the end. Well, the solo is good but not great, but it adds to the balance.

What makes this song so fun is the sense of personal growth it gives you. Those complicated chords and strum patterns that are shifting throughout the song will trip up even the most well learned of guitar players the first time, but by the end you'll likely be nailing them and that feels very, very good.

There's a reason this was a pick for a Guitar-Centric game. Frankly, with songs on two separate Rock Band Disc games as well as a whole album for DLC, I'm amazed it took them this long to get this song.

The wait was well worth it.

5/5 without any hesitation.
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This was the instrument I was most worried about when it came to this song. Drums aren't my strong suit anymore (Haven't played them much since Rock Band 3), and I do admit that this is my least favorite instrument on this song.

It's still awesome, though. That opening with the tom rolls is beat for beat perfect with the song. The main pattern that mixes up a traditional 4/4 time with alternate snare and hi-hat as well as some double kicks is just fast enough to be challenging but not frustrating and hitting it properly feels badass as can be.

The slow part is a nice way to calm down, and the outtro is a mix of everything up to this point, making it a great way to end a great song on four very fun instruments. Bravo!

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Shocking absolutely nobody, the bass part on a Jane's Addiction song is fun! Like the guitar part, you might remember this from Guitar Hero II since it had guitar and bass parts.

I don't know what to say about it other than the fact that it's very similar to the guitar part, except fewer chords but slightly more complicated strumming. This one part with a quick Hammer-On segment followed by a slide up to orange then a bunch of green and red ended by a yellow was hard as hell for me to nail properly, but like the complicated chord section in the guitar part, you learn its intricacies and it feels great to play once you've mastered it.

I also like the simple part where everything slows down for a bit during the bridge before the guitar solo. Even the simple parts are a nice palate cleanser before all hell breaks loose again.

I have no qualms about this song.

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Vocals are tough to rank because it's easily the most subjective of the instruments to play, so I'll keep my review simple:

This song is fun to sing, but it's mostly because I love the song. The chart doesn't seem 'off' in any way, and I've been singing it for ages, so I can nail it. I love the alternation between pseudo-rapping and singing, I like the calm part where he's just jammin', and I like the bombastic feel of the song.

Been aching to sing this since I fell in love with it in Guitar Hero II and it didn't disappoint.

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