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Released March 23, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Dreaming Out Loud (2007)

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OneRepublic Titua Overdrive
Not a challenging song, pretty simple with a few HOPOs thrown in to try to mess you up.

Good song. Vocalists should like this one.
03.23.10 1:02am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
3/5 ordealbyfire
A very average, and simple song with chords and a few hammer-ons here and there - I bought it for the chorus, essentially, which I love to sing along to. Worth the purchase if you're a fan of the song, but it's completely 'meh' to play.
05.26.11 10:36pm 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
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