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Released February 18, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Brian Setzer (1982)

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Stray Cat Strut (Rocksmith)
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Not "Rock This Town", But It'll Do... Alluminated Guy
So as stated by Harmonix, this is not the original Stray Cats' version of this song, so we knew to expect the unexpected.

However, this being a good effort musically on Setzer's part, Stray Cat Strut on guitar as enough filler to occupy the plastic guitarists interests.

Throughout most of the song, simple dead noted jazz chords are repeated with small amounts of slightly fun fills. This song would normally gain a solid review, but the 2 solos in the song provide enough fun to make the song memorable.

Overall, it's a musically good song, which CAN live up to the original version, but Setzer could have injected way more energy into this song to make it more enjoyable. Worth playing again, but not something you would go out of your way to play for the fun aspect.

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Stray Cat Strut is a fairly mediocre song on drums. It isn't anything bad, but it isn't anything good. The only important thing worth noting is that this is the first song in Rock Band with the "Jazz" genre.

And that pretty much describes the song. It is just a jazzy beat that you carry on the blue pad. There are a couple of slower snare rolls, but for the most part the song's chart is just... well, jazz.
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Bass Review Titua Overdrive
Don't let the 2 star difficulty fool you. I would give it 1 more star - seems under-rated to me.

Lots of hammer-ons but the pattern is simple and very repetitive.

Fun song for the family.
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Classy Jazz Goodness! Caleb
This is a song written and performed by Brian Setzer. This particular recording is not the original, but a re-recording. It doesn't sound too different however, aside from a few tweaks here and there.

The guitar part usually gets all the attention here, with it's fun blues riffs and cool solos. But that low bass in the back is equally as fun.

It's not difficult, really it's just an anchored green note as you alternate between the different frets on the neck. The pattern continues for the whole song, so it could get kind of tricky as keeping the rhythm might be hard. But once you get the hang of it, it's quite fun. It feels like a pattern one would play on an upright, sounds like it too.

The pattern may go on for literally the entire song, but it's repetitiveness isn't as bad as one would think. The song is short enough, and that bouncy jazz riff is so infectious that it's hard not to bounce and groove along with it. I would certainly choose bass over guitar anytime this song comes up online.

Recommended for moderate funtimes.
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Stray Cat Strut MusePT23
I didn't knew this song prior to the announcement and as soon as I heard it I loved it... a great addition to the library and pretty fun to sing... will have a video up in a little bit

It also sounds it will be cool on bass
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