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Released November 3, 2009 for Rock Band
LEGO Rock Band Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: Up All Night (2004)

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This Bass Gets Over the Breaks. This Bass Stumbles and Falls Karmeleaux
This is actually a bass I enjoy playing, but I do feel like if I recommended it to someone blindly they'd punch me.

For one thing, it's very repetitive (partially because the song doesn't really have a chorus per se). It's R R R O three times followed by blue instead of red the last time. Every third time of those it'll move up to green for a different rhythm that's largely unnotable.

The sections that aren't the rhythm above are focused heavily on sustains, so there's even less notable.

It's fairly fast but easily upstrummable, and for some reason I really dig it. But as I said, I don't see that being the universal opinion, I'm not even sure why it's mine.

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