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Released December 8, 2009 for Rock Band
Slipknot 01
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: All Hope Is Gone (2008)

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Drum review - Orakk Orakk
I have been liking Slipknot for a while now and downloaded the Slipknot Pack 1 because Psychosocial is in it and when I came to this song I was absolutely blown away.

I played the drums first and man, the rolls and fast double bass is amazingly fun and the chorus fits perfectly for the song and the chart is made very well. The rolls that are in the song are really awesome and when you hit them, you feel like god.

There is a lot of fast double bass (Think something near This Calling) around 4-5 times in the song, and its a blast to play aswell.

So all around, the drum chart on this song is amazing!
12.09.09 8:20am 1 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
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