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Released April 20, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: In It For The Money (1997)

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Fun Scales, But Repetitive? Never seen this before. Karmeleaux
This guy hooks you in pretty well by opening with a bass chord that HO/POs into another chord.

From there, the majority of the verse rhythm is built around five blues, G R Y, five oranges, G R Y. It's pretty fun it gets some small variations in there every now and then.

The chorus rhythm is one of those unfortunate ones where you play a fun scale, then you play it to death. It's broken up by straight eighths on yellow, though, so it wears down a bit slower than some others.

Those are the only one two rhythms until the (somewhat long) outro, where you start playing a different rhythm with a different (and in my opinion more fun) scale. From there, there's occasionally another a different scale that's fairly difficult. These two switch back and forth, but by the end of the song they've kinda become exhausted.

This is a pretty engaging bass with various fun patterns in my opinion. But they're also all used quite frankly an excessive amount, so it might be too repetitive for some players out there.

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Strong 4 to Light 5 murakaz
This song's vocal chart features a lot of movement, you'll notice this right away as nearly every phrase features a steep descending tube or two. These make the song a blast to sing, along with the song's great energy and catchy beat.

Sadly, once you hit the guitar solo at the midpoint you're stuck with mostly tambourines with another go at the chorus mixed-in. Though, to be fair, the tambourine sections are varied and fun.

Overall highly recommended for vocalists.
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