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Released August 2, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: R&B/Soul/Funk
Album: 20 All-Time Greatest Hits (1970)

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Regular keys: An okay song Marwood87
Likes: catchy song which makes it fun to play along with and listen to, two solos which are a decent challenge giving it some replay value

Dislikes: not a lot of variety, everything other than the solos are very easy to hit and a little repetitive

That devil tier tricked me again. What I thought would be a diverse and particularly challenging track turned out to be lacking both diversity and a notable challenge. The first verse and bridge present players with very easy chords that any expert player should be able to hit. The other verses and bridges are charted exactly the same as the first; no variations of any kind.
The sax solos were a nice challenge, featuring a handful of horn trills that might take a few tries to FC. However, this also hindered the chart. I wish they could have at least charted some quick single note fills and a few chords into the solo and not just had an entire solo filled with trills.
On the positive side, the song was still fun to play to and to listen to, despite it's lack of variety and it's repetitiveness.
I would definitely recommend picking this one up if you like James Brown or R&B/Funk music. Others who are seeking a good key chart should look elsewhere.
08.03.11 4:57am 2 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
Pro Keys EPIC Win! Legato Suzuki
(Pro Keys review)

This is one of those songs that if it's lit up in a group, I almost HAVE to throw it up there. It's THAT fun.

The non-solo parts are extremely simple, offering a very simple chord until you hit the bridge, which is a fairly simple chord progression. But the whole time, a pro keys player is getting their adrenaline pumping, because they know any second the bridge is gonna transition into...

The sax solo!

Seriously, this is in my top 3 pro keys solos, hands down. Obviously the bizarre sound of the solo doesn't lend itself well to a keyboard, so instead of making you hit some sort of insane chromatic run, the good folks at Harmonix decided to make it one great big glissando.

This means that the amount of freedom that you have during the solo is immense. It's just massive amounts of fun as you slide up and down the keys over and over and over again, trying to keep the streak going. The solo is a great tutorial on exactly how a glissando is handled by game mechanics.

The fun factor is overwhelming. There isn't a single time that I haven't had a grin on my face after the last solo. It is THAT fun. Don't miss out on this track.
09.24.12 12:28pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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