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Released November 15, 2011 for Rock Band
Stevie Wonder Pack 01
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Genre: R&B/Soul/Funk
Album: Talking Book (1972)

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Superstition (Guitar Hero)
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Horny! Bront
To many folk's dismay, the main riff of this song is on the Clavinet (which yes, sounds very similar to a guitar). So, what do you get to play? Well, the Horns mostly (there might be a little guitar in there, but it's hidden). So, you don't play for a while, and then ooh, a fun but difficult HOPO part! Then a pause, then a repeat of the same part. Eventually you get a few sustains and other things to play, but it's mostly that same HOPO part, and a lot of trills (but on horns!).

I wanted to like this chart, and I guess it's not bad, but it's both absurdly difficult at times to keep a combo, and sparsely populated with much else to keep you interested. It's not quite at a bad level, but it's not the awesomeness folks who just heard the song were probably looking for, that would probably be the legacy keys chart.

That said, I still recommend the song. It's well known, popular, and a good difficult song you can probably get a band together to play at a party. I just can't recommend it on the merits of the guitar part.
11.16.11 5:52am 0 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
One of the best bass charts! singemfrc
It might not be one that you think of for a great bass chart because it's not too prominently heard, but when you play it you will know why! The repeating hopo "shake" line is a ton of fun to learn to get the hang of. By the end of the song you'll be wagging your head back and forth crab walking across the stage.
03.09.16 5:04am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Play Guitar? Play this chart. Bront
For folks who play the guitar, this is probably the chart they thought they were getting. (Note, this review is for the Legacy Keys chart played on Guitar, but probably applies to just normal Legacy Keys play as well, just remember there are no HOPO in legacy keys, so they'll just be quick hit sections for keys players.)

Ahh, the main iconic riff of Superstition. You'll be bouncing all over the place with some single note hits, some HOPO sweeps, and rarely two of the same note in a row. It's active, it's fun, and it's challenging because of the numerous off beat (funk beat?) notes thrown in, as well as a few HOPO sections that are pretty tricky. Playing on guitar, there are a few single to chord "trill" sections that are pretty tough too (G to RY or R to YB back and forth quickly) that are probably easier to hit on a keyboard, but they aren't impossible on the guitar. There's also a few piano-esque triple chords in spots, but they're no harder to play than, say, the similar part in "Someone to Love" (so no GXO chords). Overall, this chart has a lot to offer, and is a good challenge. I get the feeling that parts of this chart are easier on guitar, and parts are easier on keys, so it's a bit of a wash as far as what is it better to play on.

As a guitar player who generally doesn't play the keys section, this (and a few other of the Stevie songs) are perfect to go ahead and dive in for, and it's probably worth the purchase just for that. For keys players, it's an iconic riff and should be fun, and for Pro-players, it's probably great practice for using the black keys (it's played almost entirely on them). It's a great party song as well. I think it deserves a spot in most DLC libraries.
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Drums danh
I don't understand how anyone could rate this drum below a 4 or 5. It's definitely the most interesting chart of the Stevie Wonder set. As soon as all the instruments come in, the drums begin a bass drum double-kick that is fun to keep going and continues throughout most of the song. The verse and chorus patterns are not terribly difficult, but they are fun because they're not repetitive. Finally, there are 3-4 tricky fills (not fast, but very syncopated) that take this song from 4 stars to 5 for me. Download this song!
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Dat Clavinet! Iron_Kakuzu
(I play pro keys, btw) THIS SONG IS GREAT! Seriously, it's really fun to play! The skeletons of the verse and the chorus are consistent throughout, but there are constant intricacies that will make you drop your multiplier if you aren't paying attention. It's got some fast sections and a few unusual chords, but the track only shifts notes a few times near the end, so it isn't unbearably confusing. HOWEVER, it took me quite a few tries to finally GS it - be warned: it is a challenge.

On a side note, the bass is pretty fun, and the drums are...unique. Overall an excellent song! I want to buy the others in the pack now.
11.16.11 1:32pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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