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Released November 30, 2010 for Rock Band
Lynyrd Skynyrd 01
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Genre: Southern Rock
Album: One More From the Road (1976)

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A great song but drums not a great focus point Jacobtheboffin
Most people (except those who bought it 3/4 times in GH) will buy this straight away anyway, however drummer should be wary of the drum chart.

The song is a long one, and goes on well over 5 minutes, and for most of the song it is a standard rock beat on the hi hat, with little in the way of fills. This can leave the drummer wanted to smash his own face off, even though HMX has spiced it up with a little flourish on the hi hat that goes: YYRY. This means you have to remain awake, which allows the song to have some entertainment. Towards the end during the solos, you switch to the ride, and you get some rush style double ride hits, which brings the drummer back into the game.

If you play drums only, this song can be missed as the drum chart offers very little. However for multi instrumentalists, this is a solid purchase, with the great guitar, piano and vocal charts.
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