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Released February 26, 2009 for Rock Band
Jimmy Eat World 01
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Bleed American (2001)

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Fallout Phoenix
The guitar is repetitive there is no denying that but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It's kinda like 'Sorrow' in that the alt strumming section separates the chords and makes it more fun than just strumming the same wall of chords.

This isn't a song you should buy solely for the guitar, if anything this song joins the ranks of great party songs.

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Fallout Phoenix
The bass chart doesn't stray far from the guitars rhythm, it starts out with the green frets and then to the orange frets and has the similar rhythm. Then it branches out in the same pattern only this time involving the other colored frets. It's an energetic song but the bass has it's share of dead space though only lasting a few seconds it happens often. (If you memorize the guitar chart, it occurs when the guitarist hits the red and orange chord, primarily).

It's not a bad thing but it's fun and if you have listened to 'Sweetness' since 2001, you already know that the guitar/bass weren't exactly going to be finger numbing songs.

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