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Released April 23, 2009 for Rock Band
REO Speedwagon / Styx Tour '09
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Genre: Rock
Album: The Hits (1988)

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Decent Bass With Some Fun Flourishes Karmeleaux
This is a fairly strong three-star, mind you. The verses are sustains but involve all the frets in a simple movement with slight variations, and the chorus moves in a different way and includes a couple of HO/POs. Still, it's mostly unremarkable until the (awesome) guitar solo.

I'd probably not even bother writing a review for it if it wasn't for this, but during the (awesome) guitar solo the bass picks it (this probably the reason for the dot to begin with, in fact). I mean it picks up its strumming, it scales a bit, and most importantly, it variates as time goes on. It's a real treat, and even though it returns to the chorus for the outro it throws a few scales in there now.

It's not going to blow most people away, but if you're familiar with the song it's not a bad time at all.

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