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Released January 22, 2009 for Rock Band
Steve Miller Band 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Fly Like an Eagle (1976)

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This is one of my favorite drum songs. It starts off with a drum solo and has a bunch of rolls and fun hand alternation throughout it. After solo it's the same sort of feel (meaning, this entire song feels like a drum solo). It never really lets up, goes at a comfortable pace, and changes so much that it makes it one of this games most engaging drum experiences.

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I cant recommenced this song any less. Its really an injustice to someone as amazing as Steve Miller. I know its not anything Harmonix could have prevented, but the chart for the song is abysmal.

It starts out as an incredibly basic chord-fest, with the occasional difficult chord-change. It continues like this, throwing in an occasional alt-strumming section.

This song is a complete bore, but not even a complete bore that I would play more than once. The chord-changes are basically a combo-raper, and while I'm not the greatest guitarist in the world, I would have to say that getting five-stars on this song aint happening.

Its a complete and utter waste of time and money. Save your dollar and change and just buy the other two Steve Miller songs.

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Laidback, Enjoyable Bass Karmeleaux
This is another bass that's only detractor might be its tempo. It's not painfully slow, but if you're used to fastpaced stuff this guy is not going to deliver enough.

Outside of that, the rhythm is laidback, but it involves a fair bit of movement and a good number of HO/POs with a small scale every forth repetition.

That's used for both the verse and chorus rhythm (but slower tempot means less repetitions), and during the instrumental break it's got some real fun and more demanding scales (which are a focal point in the normal recording, too).

As I said, the tempo can be a deterrant here to some people, but it should be an enjoyable bassline to those who don't mind.

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