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Released April 30, 2009 for Rock Band
Nothing's Shocking
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Nothing's Shocking (1988)

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Wow this one is a doozy. The song starts of with some sort of swingy-tripollete rhythm and slowly passes through light playing and heavy playing quite often. However once you get the rhythm down it becomes rather droll. After you get about two thirds through the song, the drum solo hits and that's when all hell breaks loose. It is by far the funnest drum solo I have ever had the privilege to play, if not the hardest. And the solo isn't even the hardest part. As soon as the solo ends you are treated to a fast 'offspring meets system of a down' drumbeat. And then when that is over you get to the most random part of the song. Think of of the rhythm of your teeth chattering when it really isn't that cold out but you can't control your jaw. That is the kick part. Now imagine throwing your sticks at the ground one at a time only to have them reappear in your hands to be tossed again. That's the snare part. Throw in the green cymbal every so often and that is what you are trying to play. Words can't even describe how messed up this part is, you'll just have to watch a video. Finally the drums just stop so abruptly and the music fades. Your left with the feeling that most guitarists have after playing My Sharona. You want to play that solo again but don't wanna wade through the rest of the song to get to it. Of course you probably won't get that feeling on your first run unless you have others to save you or the no fail cheat turned on.
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