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Released July 15, 2008 for Rock Band
Best of The Who
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Who's Next (1971)

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Baba O'Riley (Rocksmith)
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Another Epic That Just Doesn't Translate Well Karmeleaux
I don't know, it feels almost sacreligious to give this song a one. But sometimes you've gotta do what you know is right.

For about the first minute, there's no instrumentation. From there, it's a(n amazing sounding) simple rhythm that largely focuses on sustains with a single note between.

The chorus is solely sustains, but the song sees a sort of redemption at the guitar break, where the bass does two slow scales. It's fun, but unfortunately, it's gone fast. It's followed by longer sustains, then a bouncing rhythm between green and yellow that slowly speeds up.

It's a great song musically, but if you asked me if you should get it solely for the bass part, I'd probably smack you for asking that.

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04.16.10 1:59pm 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
It's a classic song, and the chart doesn't disappoint.

Yeah, you have to wait around during the synth intro, but when the drums kick in, it's worth it.

It's a fairly simple pattern, but with some syncopation on the snare drum, lots of cymbal crashes and a subtly changing foot pedal, it makes it so much more interesting and fun to play.

The song climaxes with a ton of 16th notes on red, with quarter-note foot pedal underneath. You can get it down once you have the pattern right, but it's quite daunting at first, and fighting through it to get to the BRE is satisfying as hell.

If you're an expert drummer who loves the Who, but can't play the top-tier songs like Who Are You or Young Man Blues, then Baba O'Riley is the perfect track, that strikes the balance between boring and drum-smashingly hard dead-on.
08.30.10 6:41am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Takes a while to get going, then goes in a few slow chords. What really saves this song is the cool solo at the end. Worth getting.

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07.15.08 2:00am 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
Very slow sustain pattern for the entire song, then there's a pattern that just goes back and forth between green and blue at the end. Incredibly boring.

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07.15.08 2:00am 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
I really was surprised at how disappointed I was in this track. I wasn't even expecting that much from it, either.. But woah, talk about one boring chart. It feels like you don't play a damn thing half the time (unsure of exact time that you do/don't play), and when you are playing, it's nothing interesting.

Even if you're a fan, I'd say avoid this track. The only reason somebody should have it is because they just get stuck with it (i.e in track packs. But who knows, maybe it's better on other instruments?
08.01.10 11:18pm 0 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
This song has a certain style to it. It doesn't go that fast but the patterns you do are really fun and then there's an interesting red+bass pattern at the end. Epic.

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07.15.08 2:00am 0 Replies | Reply -3 Relevance
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