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Released June 5, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Cracker (1992)

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The Solo Makes It. Dr Sardonicus
As the least well-known band that arrived in Rock Band today, many people weren't particularly excited for Cracker. But since I know the band, I bought it with the other two songs, and it turned out to be the best this week.

Starting off simply, the song begins with a simple riff consisting of some sustains and single notes, which repeats twice. When the verse starts, the song goes into chord sustains, until it goes into alt-strumming the same pattern in the chorus. This pattern repeats twice, before a short repetition of the opening riff. You then play the chorus one more time, before going into the solo.

In short, the solo is what really pushes the song up. Since it's one of those ending solos that's with the end chorus, it has several breaks during these parts, but it soon comes back. The solo goes for about a minute, and every part manages to be fun and engaging. And then the song ends.

In short, if you buy this, you get a great solo, along with some pretty decent other parts. By themselves, the other parts get a 3, but with a 5 star solo, it averages out to a 4.
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