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Released May 28, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: The Zombies (1965)

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I Won't Say No to This Karmeleaux
Hello, my babies, did you miss mommy?


This song is deceptively simple, which makes it fun yet easy. Two of the rhythms in the song are simply normal runs on a fret with a variation in them, in one has a note lead into the next (ex. G~ G Y B B~) while another tosses an extra note in the middle of the rhythm (ex. B~~ B G B~~).

In addition, the chorus is a simple alternating pattern between green and red or blue with a scale between changes of the 'higher' note.

Overall, as I said, it's pretty simple. But the short scales and variations add life to it, and it's not a long song so, although it doesn't have any parts that excel, everything lasts the perfect amount of time.

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