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Released July 8, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Stadium Arcadium (2006)

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Diverse Guitar With Some Not-So-Strong Parts. Edfan
The Red Hot Chili Peppers' songs are not really about guitar. Usually, what comes to mind are the strong basslines, funky drum beats, and calm to insane singing/rapping.

There are quite a lot of patterns to this song. The intro is a calm sounding mix of several sustains. It's short, so you won't get too bored.

Next, is the first verse. Each verse is separated into singing, then a rapping part, then singing again. You get a simple, yet funky pattern of regular single notes, with an occasional HOPO or alt strum for both singing parts. During the brief rap sections, you get a funky alt-strum section that switches from single notes to 3-note chords.

When it gets to the chorus, you get some regular notes with sustained chords. Simple, not all that engaging. But the second half of the chorus, you get met with a really odd, but fun pattern of alt-strumming and HOPOs. You also get an annoying alt-strum section that switches from single notes to 3-note chords.

Repeat the verse, then the chorus, and suddenly you're met with a guitar solo. Although it's not hard, it has a lot of nice, quick movement, making it pretty fun! Finally, you get to the last chorus, where the song ends.

All in all, this guitar part is a little weird to review. There are quite a few boring parts (Intro, singing verses, 1st half of choruses), but the parts that aren't (rap-parts, 2nd half of choruses, solo) are really fun. Even though it's about 50-50 on those terms, I give it a four because the aforementioned non-boring parts are more than worth the tamer sections.
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Excellent Use of HO/POs, But Only Two Rhythms Karmeleaux
Honestly, this might be deserving of a low five-star, but there are better Flea basses out there, so I'm making that clear.

For starters, this only has a verse and a chorus rhythm. The verse, however, does involve heavy use of HO/POs and involves all the frets in its pattern, which is great fun.

The chorus is based around HO/POs alternating between two frets before a partial scale, which is also pretty fun. But aside from a few (and I do mean few for this song) scales thrown in there, that's it.

They're both fun rhythms, but I can see them not being strong enough to last the whole song through for everyone. I know I kinda got tired because of repetition, even though I enjoy the song and chart for the most part. Still, nothing in here is not enjoyable on its own, but once again it all depends on your patience.

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Another song that requires alt-strumming. It's enjoyable, full of 3-note chords, but not in a bad way. The pacing is nice.

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Full of some wonderful HO/POs. It's a very exciting bassline, and it doesn't get old. One of the best bass songs in the game.

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Ok, this was probably one of my favorites from Stadium Arcadium as it was, when it came to Rock Band, I was very excited. Yes, its a moderatley boring guitar chart, and it really offers no sense of difficulty (especially when compared to its counterpart "Snow((Hey Oh))"), but its still a great song, and the note chart IS true to the song. I know this one will keep sneaking into my regular setlist, and I will enjoy playing this one, but mostly because of its merits as a great song.

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