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Released December 4, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: East Side Story (1981)

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Fallout Phoenix
Tempted is probably one of the best vocal pieces we've gotten, while all the other instruments are lacking, the
vocals for Tempted shine, it's challenging, memorable and fun. A must for all vocalists

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Fallout Phoenix
I'm not a great drummer, in fact I'm just okay. Most drum charts keep me occupied but Tempted is just so
boring... I mean it doesn't get remotely interesting until the end and even then it's not much. It's just basic, like
super basic

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Alluminated Guy
"Hey, it's that song from that commercial!
Now that it's on Rock Band, it must be fun to play!".
Don't be fooled into getting this song simple because it is popular.
Popular songs may go well at parties, but guess who won't be having fun playing this song: everyone but the vocalist.

Repetition, long pauses, and akward note sequences make this song one of the worst songs on guitar available for Rock Band.

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Tempted Mustang Sally
I totally agree with Fallout Phoenix's review. And wish we had more Squeeze songs Squeeze songs would be awesome if they were to have the keyboard tracks in them. Try the vocal battle posted this week. :-)
Mustang sally/ Bethann
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