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Released March 1, 2011 for Rock Band
Pretty Hate 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Pretty Hate Machine (1989)

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Offal, bloody offal. Worst guitar chart in Rock Band atm.

They chart G-R and G-Y chords as the "DUHN DUHN" and it never changes. There's also a 40-60 second blank spot where guitarists can possibly think about better songs to play than this, so that's nice.
03.01.11 10:14am 0 Replies | Reply +9 Relevance
Terrible Guitar RBAddict666
The entirety of the chart consists of nothing but GR and GY chords. You strum each note one after the other 45 times as there are only 90 notes in this chart. About midway through the song you play nothing for about a minute. If you're a guitar player avoid this one.
04.09.15 12:11pm 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Can this chart really be as sad as it seems? Madotsuki
This bass chart is damn boring.
Its just as bad as guitar, except the bass continues during the guitar break.
Despite this, you're still doing pretty much nothing but those occasional 2 notes and sustains throughout.
Stay away from this, bassists.
05.04.12 3:58am 0 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Don't Take it Away From Me Madotsuki
Unlike the guitar and bass charts, the drum chart for this song is a blast.
The song starts out simple enough, a roll into the verse, which is easy at first, but as the song continues, each verse gets more tricky, with plenty of syncopated kicks and quick hi-hats added in.
The other sections of the song have you doing plenty of toms hits as well as other little things that will keep you entertained.
The drum break is probably the best part of the song, with a tricky rhythm with plenty of toms and kicks, which then gets even more difficult, as the song quickly throws more kicks and more toms at you, likely causing you to break your streak if you aren't quick enough.
The outro is great at first, but gets repetitive after awhile as it repeats the same thing for the rest of the song. Nevertheless, its still plenty of fun.
Overall this song is very engaging and is quite a blast to play on drums, and its not too difficult either (unlike HLaH).
If you like Nine Inch Nails, you will likely enjoy the drum part for this song, but the guitar and bass parts are quite a bore.
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Much better than guitar and bass Madotsuki
This is not a review for Pro Keys.
At first, this keys chart doesn't look too promising, in fact, its nearly identical to the DUHN-DUN of the guitar and bass charts.
However, once the chorus comes around, you start playing tons of notes all over the place, it suddenly becoming incredibly fun, and you realize that the keys aren't so bad after all.
The song continues like this, the DUHN-DUN verses and crazy choruses.
Theres a bit of blank space in the interlude when the drums get all crazy, but the keys eventually come back, and for the rest of the song you're mostly playing sustains and single-notes.
Overall, this song is quite fun unlike the guitar and bass charts, and although the verses are still pretty boring, the chart overall, is quite good.
It makes for a good keys-on-guitar chart, too.
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Before watching the charts, I read a lot of comments about how challenging were the Drum chart of this pack..Well, they are: the hardest is Head Like a Hole, which also win the prize of "Most annoying drum chart of the year", due to the impossibility for the 90% of the RB players to keep a good combo on it.

I'm just saying that, IMHO, electronic drums aren't good for this type of game and I find zero to none satisfaction while playing those songs. However, Terrible Lie offers a good chart that is nowhere as repetitive/hard/annoying (choose your favourite adjective) as Sanctified/HLaH, and not as standard as The Only Time.
Despite being an electronic drum chart, you'll still find patterns that aren't weird enough to be played by a normal drummer.

After playing it, I decided to low down the vote to 3/5, as the most interesting part is also the most repetitive. Mmh, not a good pack for drummers, at all..
03.02.11 12:59am 3 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
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