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Released March 1, 2011 for Rock Band
Pretty Hate 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Pretty Hate Machine (1989)

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Reviews (6) >> Review by LunaticSoul (Drums) Show:
Before watching the charts, I read a lot of comments about how challenging were the Drum chart of this pack..Well, they are: the hardest is Head Like a Hole, which also win the prize of "Most annoying drum chart of the year", due to the impossibility for the 90% of the RB players to keep a good combo on it.

I'm just saying that, IMHO, electronic drums aren't good for this type of game and I find zero to none satisfaction while playing those songs. However, Terrible Lie offers a good chart that is nowhere as repetitive/hard/annoying (choose your favourite adjective) as Sanctified/HLaH, and not as standard as The Only Time.
Despite being an electronic drum chart, you'll still find patterns that aren't weird enough to be played by a normal drummer.

After playing it, I decided to low down the vote to 3/5, as the most interesting part is also the most repetitive. Mmh, not a good pack for drummers, at all..
03.02.11 12:59am 3 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
Dead Player - Yes, but people seems to be using "hard song" as a negative adjective about songs and I don't see why. Horribly akward (like with Snow and its lack of Ho/Po's) I can understand, but what is so negative about a good challenge once in a while? Reply
03.02.11 4:44 pm
LunaticSoul - I just don't like to play annoying charts, here's a fast example:

-Guitar Sound on legacy guitar kicks my ass everytime I play it, I can't do more than 85% on it but It's an awesome chart!

-Snow is as hard as GS, but it's all due to that boring riff going on again again again and again and again.

There's difference! :p
03.02.11 9:14 am
Dead Player - I never understod why people hate on hard songs. It is kind of like those people in WoW complaining about the dungeons being to hard. Reply
03.02.11 8:24 am
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