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Released July 31, 2012 for Rock Band
Killswitch Engage 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: As Daylight Dies (2006)

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Nothing difficult, but enjoyable. Poinkish
Much like "The End Of Heartache", the bassline for "Arms Of Sorrow" isn't particularly hard, but it caters to that part of me that loves syncing bass and guitar parts!

The song starts off with a couple of single note and two note chord sustains to get you warmed up before throwing the same offbeat strumming that switches between single and double strummed notes, the main difference being that you only play single notes as opposed to the single note and chord strumming of the Guitar chart.

The synchronicity continues when the slow part kicks in, playing almost exactly the same part as you slowly hit single notes as they move up and down the fretboard, while also playing some steady lane strumming and some sustains as well.

It's pretty easy, but much like "End Of Heartache", it's satisfying to have a bass chart that feels in sync with it's guitar counterpart.
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Lovely song, with some interesting charting. Poinkish
This is easily one of my favourite songs to listen to, one of the softer KSE songs out there to be sure.

In terms of difficulty this is probably the least taxing overall, throwing mostly simple patterns at you, varying from some slow strumming up and down the fretboard, some steady alt-strumming that alternates between Green and orange notes during the heavier parts, and some slightly offbeat strumming that switch between chords and singular notes throughout.

The only truly difficult part, and in my opinion the most fun part is this really cool Guitar riff that pops up twice, and has you anchoring down the green fret while moving your fingers rapidly back and forth between every other colour, it's great fun, and a genuine challenge, especially for less experienced players.

Overall, this weeks DLC has been pretty strong on Guitar, and I'd recommend Guitarists to get the whole pack this week!
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