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Released June 9, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop/Dance/Electronic
Album: Super Meat Boy! (2010)
Author: FairwoodStudios

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Such awesomeness Caleb
This is a great song, lots of good beats and you can totally imagine the end boss fight taking place listening to it. It reminds me of Earthworm Jim music.

Anyway, the chart. It starts with a GO trill, and then a GY chord. After that, the main riff comes in with a neat chugging rhythm. All very good and all. But this song is devil tiered for a reason.

The first solo comes in and hits you hard. Fast scales, snakes and a TTFAF tapping section all thrown in 30 seconds of solo time.

Then it relaxes with a sustain, while the keyboard plinks away in the back. After that, back to chugging. And, a second solo. Easier than the first, but still blazing fast. In order to squeak by in this song, save your OD.

The song is very short. Once the last solo is done, you beat the song. But for being so short, there is a lot of awesome thrown in. Not only is the song great, but there is a ton of fast, difficult sections to satisfy those who need speed. A good buy if you are looking for difficulty, and it's a dollar!
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