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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: The Con (2007)

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Some People Will Like This Bass, Some Will Cry Karmeleaux
Nothin' doing for the first verse. The pre-chorus rhythm is pretty fun, though, sustains with short scales and a single hammer-on in there.

The chorus is of two minds - mostly straight eighths for the first part, then a scale and two eighths counter to the guitar rhythm, twice per chorus. The straight eighths part has a few odds and ends or slide hammer-ons, but the scale is usually the most fun part.

The next verse is pretty fun, it's similar to the pre-chorus in concept but has different and slightly more engaging fills. Probably the highlight of the song on bass.

Another pre-chorus, another chorus. The bridge is nothing exceptional at this point, it has some short fills, it's sustain-focused, we've gotten that from the song already.

The lead-in to the second bridge/outro is pretty fun, moving around the fretboard at a decent speed and containing another scale. Another bridge (abruptly ends at half the length this time) and we're done.

It's an average experience. The short scales are decent fun, but it's a slower song and being sustain-focused takes away some. Outside the single verse rhythm, nothing is really above the grade, and that would likely come down some if it weren't for the brevity of that part.

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