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Released December 14, 2010 for Rock Band
Billy Joel: The Hits Rock Band Edition
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: The Hits (1974)

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Needs Moar Banjo Gigakoops
Things start rather shaky, but things get more varied with every verse until it becomes rather amazing.

The first minute our so has you strumming Y-O chords in different speeds, with gallops thrown in once every measure or so. The second verse starts off with some sustains, then goes into some HOPO chords before getting back to the alt-strumming chords. The third verse is a bit like the second, but with more notes and leads up to a HOPO segment that has you going up and down the neck.

Then verse 4 hits and you're greeted with HOPOs everywhere as you recreate a banjo. This segment is obviously the highlight, as it has you steadily going around the neck in fun and interesting fashions. The next verse, however, has some dead space. The chorus afterwords has you repeating an interesting, albeit repetitive, HOPO pattern of green, red, and blue notes.

The rest of the song is an assortment of chords, sustains, and HOPOs. It's not a bad pick for guitars, and the banjo segment is a lot of fun.
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