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Released December 16, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Popdanceelectronic
Album: Game Mixes (2011)
Author: FreenInGreen

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non_zero - "This sounds like a good song for paranoid schizophrenics to ..." -- Read more
Painful, in a fun way. Legato Suzuki
(Pro Keys review)

Only one thing actually makes this song worthy of a 5/5 difficulty, and that is the piano arpeggio that gets thrown at you several times during the song. Aside from that, you'll just be hitting some very simple one note string effects.

But man, that run is nuts. You'll start with some insane intervals within the C minor chord, going through the full arpeggio before hitting a minor scale back down to beginning of the sequence. This is quite difficult to keep a combo going, because two of these runs are thrown at you when absolutely no percussion is offering anything resembling a rhythm. You really have to be in the zone with your internal metronome, and you absolutely HAVE to be on point with the scale that gets suddenly thrown in at a few points.

Overall, it's just such an insane sounding song that I enjoy playing it in groups. But overall, the fun factor is lacking here on keys. I personally just enjoy the challenge of the note runs.
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I Do Love Me Some Nonstop HOPO Chains Gigakoops
This song has some top-notch insanity. Obviously this was released with hardcore players in mind. Definitely not for those still learning the ropes.

The guitar part takes a moment to start, since the intro is vocals and drums. Then we start with some simple three-HOPO patterns, usually ending with sustains. It changes up a bit halfway through the opening riff and adds in different patterns and HOPO chords.

And then the verse starts, and you're treated with nonstop, ascending HOPO arpeggios for about a minute. Then we get the first solo, which is essentially the same thing, but descending and with stylistic breaks. The ascending arpeggios come back for a bit, before going into the post-verse bridge. This is one out of two non-solo sections with awkward HOPO patterns that once you get down, become so much fun.

The second solo comes in, and at first it's deceivingly simple in comparison to all that's just hpapened, with plenty of sustains and slow HOPOs. Then suddenly really fast, descending HOPO triplets fly by at such a fast rate, and to top things off, you finish the solo with one of the longest trill lanes in Rock Band history. Makes sure to use both hands to tap this shit.

You have a break after that, then the chorus has some simple two-note HOPO patterns that descend before going into the post-chorus bridge. This is the second non-solo segment with awkward but fun HOPO patterns. The song then closes with more of the chorus, then a surprise final chord.

Truly masochistic in every way, this sure will bring a really fun challenge, if you're up for it.
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