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Released November 19, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: DnA's Evolution (2009)
Author: HMXSkew

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A grrrrrreat buy! JiggyJay
This song is a absolute blast to play on drums. The song has great fills, fun beats, plenty of variety, and an incredibly fun solo!
The larger half of the song is a fairly simple ride/kick/snare combo, which isn't particularly special. It is, however, quite fun, since there are fun drum fills thrown in at least every 15-20 seconds. There is a brief part where you do some kicks and a roll that shows up a few times, but this is also quite fun.
Now, what makes this song jump from fun to fantastic is the solo that shows up halfway through. It has a constant kick pedal, and pad rolls scattered throughout.It is quite hard to explain on a review, but basically picture "Shipping Up to Boston" except a little easier.
If you like playing expert drums, DOWNLOAD THIS RIGHT NOW. It's only a $1.00, and it is well balanced. The only player who wouldn't have fun is the vocalist.
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