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Released April 5, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Shinin' On (1974)

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Ah- another classic! m2cks
I cannot express how popular this song is for both parties and the radio! I feel as though I have heard this song from nearly infinite media outlets, and its catchiness is a big factor on the likeability of the song and vocal chart itself.

The chart itself is fun and in my range, which I am thankful for I cannot really reach down in the lower notes of other songs. The verses are easy to follow and the lyrics are very simplistic, which is good for people simply reading the lyrics from the screen. The verses are accented with a "c'mon, baby, do the Locomotion!" in between each line (which is charted to the higher voice, but I find it more comfortable to just sing in the lower pitch). The bridge (the oo's) are also simple, and barely go up and down in the pitches. One verse and outro later, it is quite the fun experience for vocalists. If you like the classics, are looking for a fun song to sing, or are going to be hosting a Rock Band party, this song is a definite must.
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Above-average chordfest, fantastic solo Madotsuki
Despite being mostly a chordfest, this guitar track is actually incredibly fun.
You're mainly playing chords, with some good switching, as well as some 3-note chords that snuck in. During a few sections, the chords get pretty consistent for a bit.
There are some points where you're hitting chords that have alot of space between them, but don't let that get you down, theres more chords waiting for you.
The solo is alot different from the rest of the song, where you're playing all over the place with tons of hammer-ons/pull-offs and single-notes, and moving around quite a bit around the fretboard. The solo, obviously, is the reason this song is a 5/5, and not just an above-average 4/5 chordfest.
Overall, this is a fantastic song to play with a full band on guitar, and even alone, this is a hell of alot of fun.
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