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Released October 15, 2009 for Rock Band
Brutal Legend
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Genre: Rock
Album: The Pick of Destiny (2006)

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This is not for beginners. The drum patterns in this song are not your standard stuff, makes heavy use of double bass hits and bass alternation. Basically if you're not good with your foot this song will destroy you. The hand movements in it are no picnic either, many slow rolls and a couple fast rolls, hand alternation, and all the while you need to be keeping that odd beat with your foot.

If you're skilled enough to do all that advanced stuff this song is really, really fun. It's not too fast to be exhausting, and almost every second of it is interesting and exciting. Even after you perfect the song it'll be a blast to play in a band setting. Take a look at the chart, I ain't lyin'.

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The Metal Indeed Karmeleaux
This guy actually surprised me. The verse rhythm is great fun, with a metal (gasp!) rhythm of 'root on green, nonstandard strum pattern, various short scales,' with it changing to red and scaling harder the forth time.

Unfortunately, the chorus(?) is a whole lot of nothing. Another verse, then we're already at the outro I guess? First it's long sustains, then it goes into a section built around sustains and slow partial scales. Then finally a variation on the verse that is less fun the original.

The verse rhythm to this guy is a lot of fun for the bassist, but it definitely misfires in some other places. It's short so the verse rhythm doesn't get old, but that makes the other shortcomings all the more apparent. Not for everyone, but stronger than I expected.

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