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Released May 15, 2012 for Rock Band
Paramore 01
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Brand New Eyes (2009)

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The Only Exception (Rocksmith)
Discussions (1) >> Discussion by Dangisuckatgamin
Best Genre Ever. Dangisuckatgamin
^, agree?
05.15.12 4:50am 7 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
UltimaThule - Y'know, I'm not a huge Paramore fan, but "slow, simple parts" doesn't automatically mean that the song isn't fun. Reply
05.29.12 1:30 pm
ComplicitOwl - Well then, feel free to NOT vote them 1-star. Meanwhile, I will, because I don't rate based on what you think! Yaaaaay. Reply
05.27.12 8:35 pm
Dangisuckatgamin - vocals are 1 star? no. Reply
05.27.12 3:34 pm
ComplicitOwl - Grrr, I 1-star a single song with slow, simple parts, and repetitive lyrics. BAN BAN BAN BAN Reply
05.27.12 7:27 am
Dangisuckatgamin - Owl Needs Banned.... 1 staring everything. Reply
05.15.12 3:43 pm
UltimaThule - Ha! It's funny because it's a slow song and therefore that means the song sucks. Such wit. Reply
05.15.12 12:46 pm
Hobo111 - I loled. Reply
05.15.12 12:05 pm
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