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Released October 11, 2011 for Rock Band
Blink 182 03
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Genre: Punk
Album: Enema of the State (1999)

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10.11.11 11:04am 36 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
Lowlander2 - Why so serious? Reply
10.22.11 6:25 pm
Dangisuckatgamin - it's hippy music Reply
10.16.11 6:27 am
JiggyJay - It's a Thrash Beat. Reply
10.16.11 3:17 am
PuppetMasterIX - You guys are idiots. /discussion Reply
10.13.11 10:12 pm
RBAddict666 - HOLY SHIT! 30+ replies! O_O Reply
10.13.11 9:23 am
Dangisuckatgamin - People want hard songs until they actually come out.. all i'm going to say... it's annoying. Reply
10.13.11 4:17 am
sarcasmrox3 - yea fuck this song LOL Reply
10.13.11 2:06 am
Dog - I agree it's stupid but don't come at the king unless you ready. Reply
10.13.11 1:09 am
Caleb - It seems to me that DP didn't blow up until after you said "IT. IS. A. PUNK. BEAT." He was stating the genre has nothing to do with the type of beat, then you belabored him about how the genre does in fact have everything to do with it.

It seems to me that this whole thing is stupid and you both are acting immature so stop fighting over crap and get on with your lives.
10.12.11 11:43 pm
Dog - I went back and re-read this. All I did was reiterate what CloudWolf said (because he was right) and then pointed out something that should be noted (Barker doesn't use double bass) and then DP blew up because he couldn't take it. Then tried tried a tactic that only children who can't think use and I egged him on because it was funny. Then he went full retard. Reply
10.12.11 10:29 pm
Caleb - Who came in your cereal Dog? Reply
10.12.11 8:18 pm
Dog - I already did. it's in my nose. Thanks. Reply
10.12.11 7:48 pm
Dead Player - I hope you get cancer. Seriously. Reply
10.12.11 7:46 pm
Dog - Yeah. Plus you'd actually have to have sex with a girl. Reply
10.12.11 7:45 pm
Dead Player - Actually you are right, I am probably not going to have children in fear of what would happen. Reply
10.12.11 7:41 pm
Dog - I just hope you never have children. Because if they cried all night (which babies do) you'd probably "feel the blooodlust" and then who knows what would happen. Reply
10.12.11 7:40 pm
Dead Player - I just hope you never have children, because they would get the worst possible father. Reply
10.12.11 7:38 pm
Dog - I'm not going to fucking baby you dude. I call it like I see it. Reply
10.12.11 7:37 pm
Dead Player - Indeed, so I would apriciate it if you didn't constantly trigger my PTSD. Reply
10.12.11 7:28 pm
Dog - You definitely have mental issues alright. Reply
10.12.11 7:24 pm
Dead Player - All I am saying is that you should be glad (and I am glad aswell due to jailtime) that you do not live close to me. As I said before, I got mental issusses I can't get ridd off, and your kind of douchebags spark the bloodlust in me.

I wish I was joking.
10.12.11 7:18 pm
Dog - Juvenile isn't a big word at all. Reply
10.12.11 7:12 pm
Dead Player - You know another big word I know? Juvenile. It suits you well. Or victim, I wish it would be victim but you are not worth the jailtime. Reply
10.12.11 7:10 pm
Dog - Oooh, pretentious. That's a big word for you. Reply
10.12.11 7:07 pm
Dead Player - You are so fucking pretencious and douchey. Seek help. Reply
10.12.11 7:07 pm
Dog - You are so fucking delusional. Seek guidance. Reply
10.12.11 7:06 pm
Dead Player - Yes, because it is all about me being a "Metal fanboy". It is more about you hating Metal so much that you feel the need to flame me every time I bring it up it seems.

Also, technically it would have been a Punk beat if he put the bass hits between the high-hat hits (which he didn't) and a Polka beat with only kicks on each 8th high-hat hit, but this beat is defintly a Thrash beat. It have nothing to do with the genre itself, it just got that name because it is used alot in said genre aswell as other places.
10.12.11 6:32 pm
Dog - Let me explain this slowly. IT. IS. A. PUNK. BEAT. I know more about punk than you do and it's a punk beat. Cloudwolf knew what he was talking about too. Of course somehow metal is brought up in this even though it's not metal at all. News flash: Metal doesn't make the world go round. Reply
10.12.11 4:12 pm
Dead Player - So you, a person who hate to drum, think you know more about drumming than a person who practically lives for drumming? Also even if he doesn't use double bass himself, the rythm he plays is what we call a Thrash Metal beat (or Thrash beat) even if the genre of the song is not Thrash Metal. Hell, alot of Metal songs use Disco Beats but that doesn't mean it is Disco music. Reply
10.12.11 6:52 am
Dog - Except Travis Barker doesn't use double bass. It's a punk beat. Nothing else to discuss. Reply
10.12.11 1:06 am
Dead Player - Actually it is more of a Thrash Metal beat due to the double bass hits. Reply
10.11.11 9:57 pm
Lowlander2 - Whatever, go back and play it and tell me I'm right. Reply
10.11.11 4:51 pm
CloudWolf - Punk beat Reply
10.11.11 4:47 pm
Lowlander2 - Didn't know Good Mourning/Black Friday was punk. Reply
10.11.11 3:45 pm
CloudWolf - A typical fast-paced punk chart Reply
10.11.11 1:39 pm
Dead Player - The Face of All Your Fears on stereoids I would say. Reply
10.11.11 11:59 am
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