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Released May 22, 2012 for Rock Band
Maiden Epics
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Genre: Metal
Album: The Number of the Beast (1982)

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We want.....Information! Poinkish
Probably the most overtiered bass song of the week in my opinion, it's more of a fourth tier song than a fifth tier. This is easily one of the easier bass songs the Maiden catalog has to offer so far, but it's a consistently entertaining bassline with promises of a fun time to offer for both less experienced, and advanced Bass players.

You only need to play 2 minutes of this song to get what this bassline is all about. Bouncy, short bursts of alt-strumming with hammer-ons sprinkled in between. The pattern only switches up a couple of times allowing you to easily settle into the groove of the song.

It's an enjoyable bassline, not the most challenging by any means but still a strong pick for Bassists. I can easily recommend this to both new bassists and long term bassists alike.
05.23.12 2:09am 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
The most "Traditional" Maiden song of the pack. Poinkish
Any song that starts off with a snippet of audio from the cult British Spy fiction TV series "The Prisoner" is off to a good start. After the exchanging of dialogue the song starts to kick in properly. For the first minute or so, you'll playing short bursts of chords with sizable gaps in between. A nice slow start for what's up ahead.

After the intro the main riff kicks in, a fairly speedy alt-strumming section that switches between chords and single notes, with an occasional Y/R/G hammer-on thrown in too. This parts actually quite fun to play, and it changes up just enough to never really feel dull. These parts are then broke up by slow note strumming and chord sustains during the songs main chorus to give you a bit of a break.

You repeat this twice until the pre-solo build up comes into play, a steady ascent up the Guitar neck and back as hammer-ons come hurtling down at you. This is great fun to play and it gets you warmed up for what's probably one of the hardest solos in this pack.

The solo is a real mean beast, with some crazy pattern changes, fast hammer-on snaking, and some erratic alt-strumming throughout, there's even a few sneaky chords, and some trill lanes thrown in during the fast parts too.

Overall as far as traditional Maiden songs go, this is actually one of the more enjoyable songs on Guitar. And out of the songs so far from "Number Of The Beast" in the game, probably the highlight in my opinion.
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