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Released October 6, 2015 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983)

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Active, but Hit or Miss Bront
I loved this song as a kid. Honestly, I'm not sure why anymore, but it's still a good song. Bass line sounds fun, and I'm sure it'll be fun to sing, but I wasn't as happy as I was hoping on guitar.

It starts off a little slow, but picks up in activity, and generally has two different major parts, with a few extras sprinkled around them. Much of the song is filled with quick strumming singles to chords, or mixtures of solos and chords. They don't come at you too quickly or too many at a time usually.

The bridges however have a grounded HOPO (A series of HOPO notes where you return to the initial ground note in between) shifts ground notes from R to G midway in between. It's very quick, and there's not a lot of audio queues to how fast it needs to go, I found it rather difficult (might be the rust). The pattern repeats several times with a small break in between tries, and you'll do it 3-10 times per bridge (there's an extended bridge at one part of the song).

Now, I'll admit some personal bias here for being annoyed at having one of my favorite childhood songs be one I'd fail out of regularly, but 3 stars seemed about right. If you can hit those HOPO sections, it might be a 4 star song. It doesn't have anything super special in it, but it has some variety and a lot of energy.

That said, Guitar sounds to me like the low light of this song instrumentally, so for a full band, I'd recommend it.
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Rock Band is back. With a vengeance. The Walrus

My goodness, I remember listening to this and thinking, "Aw, dang, if Rock Band ever came back, I would love to sing The Reflex. Shame it was never DLC." When RB4 was announced, I immediately requested The Reflex. I wasn't sure how the instruments would translate, but I figured it would at least be passable.

This song is freaking fantastic on every instrument. Harmonies are an expected standout. Bass is solid Duran Duran--it isn't Rio, but it beats Hungry Like The Wolf. Drums are really, really fun-- you bounce around on the hihat with a lot of changing but doable patterns. (And I'm sure the keys chart would have been excellent, but that's moot.)

But oh man, I was sure the guitar would be a weak point. All it could have had was that one main verse riff. Well, it does. But I don't mind playing it. It's fun to play, it's energetic, and it fits well into the song. It's quite more substantial than you might originally think listening to this song for the first time.

The HOPOs on the chorus hit home. Buy this song if you play any instrument, or if you like fun.

My only complaint is that it's criminal I can't use my edrums on the Xbox.
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