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Released July 21, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop/Rock
Album: These City Lights (2007)
Author: roseofjericho

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Reviews (1) >> Review by Bront (Guitar) Show:
Nothing special, but not bad. Bront
Almost the entire chart here is made of a set of two alternating notes, and while the notes change around a bit, the pattern eventually does repeat. It's very similar to parts of Blue and Blue Monday's Bass chart. It's not a very long song, and there is some challenge to the pace, but it can get a bit repetitive.

There's nothing bad about the chart, but there's nothing really exciting about it either. Snag it if you like Rose of Jericho (generally they're fun to sing, and have a more poppy Evanescence vibe to them), but don't go out of your way to snag it if you're looking for an awesome guitar chart.
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