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Released August 28, 2012 for Rock Band
Rock Band Blitz Soundtrack
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Wasting Light (2011)

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Better than most Foo Fighters songs Dr Sardonicus
I really like the Foo Fighters. I think they write great, memorable songs. But I've noticed something with the guitar charts I've played. They're either really fun to play, like Monkey Wrench or Rope, or really boring chord fests, like Breakout or Walk. Luckily, this one was better than I expected.

You start off with the main chorus pattern, a snake going G-R-O-R twice, then tightening into a R-Y-B-Y. You'll be playing this a lot. Luckily, it manages to stay pretty fun, even if it's likely to trip someone up if they're not the best player. You do this for the entirety of the verses, but it's pretty easy to break your combo. It's the main reason I only got a 99%. So after this, you play the chorus, which is chords. You can't really expect something different from a FF chorus, so this one exceeds by actually being a pretty fun chordfest. You move around enough to not get bored, plus the chorus is pretty awesome.

After this, you play the verse again, followed by a bridge consisting of more chords. This is followed by the chorus, a separate part made of single notes, and a chorus until the song ends. Overall, the song was pretty good. Sure, it's repetitive, but the parts all manage to work well. I'd say this is in the higher end of the Blitz setlist.
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