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Released December 14, 2010 for Rock Band
Billy Joel: The Hits Rock Band Edition
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: The Stranger (1977)

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It's Repetitive, But At Least What They Repeat Isn't Bad Gigakoops
The riffs in this song are a bit chord-heavy, but they have enough quick changes and stylistic pauses/sustains to keep this from getting below 3 stars. They do, however, start getting repetitive after a few minutes. There's also the issue of long times before and after playing it, but I don't mind simply listening to those parts.

Overall, though, this seems like a skip on guitar unless you either like the song or really need keys-heavy songs pronto.
06.16.13 7:52am 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
Decent Guitar, but Long Rests starz 007
Those of you who know The Stranger know that there is a very mellow intro (and outro). During those periods, there is no guitar part, so for a decent amount of time the guitarist stands around doing nothing.

Granted, that is song structure, and the rest doesn't disappoint. This is probably one of the most recognizable guitar hooks in the Billy Joel pack. The main riff is fun, but it definitely gets a little chord heavy during the choruses. There is also no guitar solo, meaning that all of the fun is to be had on the main riff.

My advice: If you are strictly a guitarist, only buy this song if you like the song.
03.30.11 7:11pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Excellent test of chord variance (Pro Keys) Sycocoaster
This song is the ultimate test of chord coordination currently available. Forget Saturday Night, China Grove, and Bohemian. This one is much more unique and challenging than all of them. A great song with an awesome keys part. Don't miss it!
03.29.11 12:31pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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