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Released December 8, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Bonus
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Genre: Emo
Album: Madeline (2008)

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Won't Tickle People Unfamiliar With It's Fancies Karmeleaux
The song starts out sustain and strum-focused, then after a small break has the post-verse which is strum-focused with a bit of movement around the fretboard.

The verse comes in, very strum-focused. It has a few flourishes in the first verse, that unfortunately disappear in later iterations. Another post-verse, then we get to the chorus.

The chorus is mostly straight eighths, with an occasional green one followed by a quarter note on red. It eventually becomes more or less a standard straight edges slowly moving up the fretboard, before a fun part at the end where the bass moves around red, blue, and orange following the note the singer is singing. This is one of the most fun parts of the song to me, but it's unfortunately short every time it shows up.

The next verse is stripped more than the previous one, which is a change but not really a welcome one. Then we go through the whole thing again.

Towards the very end there's a fun riff that's introduced that based around dotted notes and has even a small HO/PO fill in it, but it only repeats twice before the song ends.

So ultimately it comes out to an average experience.

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